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The Wendy Bunch
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The Wendy Bunch, also sometimes called "The Wendies" or "TWB" is a group of eight slightly crazed friends. The group was founded on tv.com in 2008. They found each other when they realized they shared many interests, but most of all, they shared an obsession for TV. After that, they got closer and all of sudden, the Wendy Bunch was born. The group's name is originally from a word they themselves made up. Jennifer runs a blog on Livejournal called "Newmeanings", where she posts everytime a new word is invented. The word "wendy" is derived from the CSI character Wendy Simms and is used to describe something that is "cooler than cool, radical, awesomer than binary, beyond one's recognition of amazing." All of the Wendy Bunchers have some sort of Obsessive Compulsiveness, and together they have made a lot of lists. For instance; the whore list, where they all have contributed as to being different "whores". The whore being something you like doing, not as in a prostitute.
The Wendy Bunch have a lot of insides jokes, and can therefore easily be seen as strange, creepy and mad. They are in fact slightly mad, but that's part of their MO. The Wendy Bunchers have a way of always being mean to and tease each other. A recurring theme is the "So's your face", with the exception of Lil's, where you say "So's your neck". Ellen and Heather have always had their own personal vendetta against each other; with Ellen ruining things Heather love by destroying them with her excellent "Paint" skills. "New Greg" being an Example. The Wendy Bunch is very geeky, but they are proud to be.
All the members in The Wendy Bunch have very dirty minds, and can make these seemingly ordinary words being interpreted as dirty. When they do anything dirty or that can be seen as bad, their adoptive-internet mommy Suz is not far away. She always helps with nagging, grounding, advising and inputs. The Wendy Bunch loves their internet Mommy very much despite her nagging. The Wendy Bunch couldn't manage without their adoptive-internet-sister either. BM helped them when they were only teeny tiny bunchers. But now that they're all brought up, we thank her with loads of love.

In the year of 2013, there will be a huge road trip. The Wendy Bunch will travel to America and spread the words of Newmeanigs and their own motto, "The world isn't ready".